Optimized processes through integration of your business apps

Basaas integrates various business apps into one enterprise solution and synchronizes data and workflows across applications.

Connects the world’s leading business apps into one solution

You already use leading business apps like G-Suite, Office 365, Slack or Pipedrive? With Basaas, you can easily connect these applications and merge important information and processes to save valuable time every day.

Get an overview of all upcoming actions

The colleagues work daily with Business Apps and everywhere there are tasks to be done. Basaas provides a central overview of all upcoming activities. All notifications from the individual Business Apps are automatically visible in the Basaas Workplace.

Brings processes and information together in one central location

The be-all and end-all of successful companies is perfect communication within the company. Basaas helps you with an integrated dashboard and intelligent widgets to easily provide information and manage processes across the board.

Synchronize your customer data across applications

In the future, Basaas will allow you to synchronize customer data across many business apps. This saves time, because customer data only needs to be entered once and Basaas ensures that data in the business apps is updated.

Finds processes and company information quickly and easily

How can I apply for holiday? Where can I find the partner contract? These can be typical everyday questions from colleagues – and then the search often begins. Basaas helps you to provide such information in your company to every colleague.

All advantages for your company at a glance

Leading business apps integrated

Market-leading business apps are already integrated and can be used immediately

Intelligent notifications

Overview of all pending actions via intelligent notifications

Internal communication

Better communication, since all company information is in one central location

Data synchronization

Once data has been changed, it is automatically updated in connected business apps.

FAQ for companies

Central overview of processes, rules and templates leads to better workflows

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Digital Workplace

With Basaas, each colleague receives an integrated digital workplace that centrally consolidates all business apps and company information and makes them accessible through a login.

App Management

Manage your business apps centrally for the entire company. Give each colleague the applications they need and keep a transparent overview of cloud usage at all times.

Safety and security

The security of your data and privacy is a top priority at Basaas. With Basaas, you can significantly increase your security through access controls and encryption.

App Store

With the Business App Store you have an extensive selection of quality-tested business apps at your disposal. Just find the business apps that best fit your business.

Start now for free and without risk with Basaas

Combine your business apps with Basaas to create an intelligent business solution that increases your productivity.


  • Unlimited free use
  • Individual Workplace for each employee
  • Access to the Basaas App Store
  • Easily manage your business apps