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More transparency in the use of cloud solutions

Basaas gives you an overview of all used cloud solutions and minimizes shadow IT in your company.

Just stay on top of your cloud solutions.

Your colleagues want cloud solutions to increase productivity. There are lots of first-class business apps from the cloud. With Basaas you can use all business apps without any problems and at the same time keep the necessary overview.

Increase your productivity with the integrated Workplace in Company Branding

All colleagues receive a digital workplace in the branding of your company. This is the basis for the app management of the future, because you can easily manage everything centrally. In no time at all, you control the use of business apps in your company and motivate all your colleagues.

Manage your cloud users across all business apps

Basaas offers you user management for the cloud age – across the board for your business apps. Maintain control over all business apps used and organize roll-out processes. Provide your teams with centrally coordinated released business apps.

Get an overview of the business apps your colleagues are already using.

Your colleagues may already be using cloud solutions on their own. Shadow IT occurs in the best companies. With Basaas, you can analyze the use of business apps and take your cloud IT forward according to internal requirements.

Easily ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

It’s reassuring if you’re always in control of cloud usage in the enterprise. After all, there are extensive legal requirements, such as the new EU-GDPR. Basaas supports you with centrally defined rules for your cloud users.

Unify your processes with your own Business Apps Store

Basaas provides companies of all sizes with their own Business App Store. This way you can provide your colleagues with the business apps that best fit your business. Colleagues can easily find approved apps and do nothing wrong.

All functions for your company at a glance

Digital Workplace for all users

Increase productivity through an integrated, digital workplace

Cloud Usage Overview

More transparency through a central overview of cloud usage in the company

Comprehensive Cloud Management

Simple roll-out processes and comprehensive information about the business apps

Motivation through branding

High identification of colleagues through branding in the corporate design

Less shadow IT

Anonymous usage analysis of cloud IT leads to less shadow IT

More legal certainty

Confirmation of compliance requirements ensures compliance with legal requirements

Unified Cloud Procurement

Selection support and approval processes for the procurement of business apps

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Digital Workplace

With Basaas, each colleague receives an integrated digital workplace that centrally consolidates all business apps and company information and makes them accessible through a login.


Through our API-level app integration, you get smart features like cross-search across multiple applications or invoking actions right from your workplace.

Safety and security

The security of your data and privacy is a top priority at Basaas. With Basaas, you can significantly increase your security through access controls and encryption.

App Store

With the Business App Store you have an extensive selection of quality-tested business apps at your disposal. Just find the business apps that best fit your business.

Start now for free and without risk with Basaas

Combine your business apps with Basaas to create an intelligent business solution that increases your productivity.


  • Unlimited free use
  • Individual Workplace for each employee
  • Access to the Basaas App Store
  • Easily manage your business apps