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Significantly more productivity with the Basaas App

Use the Basaas app for your team and increase your productivity and the fun factor at the same time.


  • Use multiple accounts at the same time (e.g. Google)
  • Active notifications from your business apps
  • Additional security through encryption
  • Jump fast between business apps
  • Always up to date with automatic updates

Download the latest version of the Basaas App here

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Digital Workplace

With Basaas, each colleague receives an integrated digital workplace that centrally consolidates all business apps and company information and makes them accessible through a login.

App Management

Manage your business apps centrally for the entire company. Give each colleague the applications they need and keep a transparent overview of cloud usage at all times.


Through our API-level app integration, you get smart features like cross-search across multiple applications or invoking actions right from your workplace.

Safety and security

The security of your data and privacy is a top priority at Basaas. With Basaas, you can significantly increase your security through access controls and encryption.