Basaas for vendors

Direct access to potential customers through central listing in the Basaas App Store

Basaas users will find your solution in the integrated Business App Store

In the Business App Store every Basaas user finds a categorized portfolio of integrated business apps. The available Business Apps can be easily tested and added to the Basaas Workplace. Availability in Basaas is an important selection criterion for selecting new business apps.

New distribution channels and more reach for your business app

With Basaas, more and more companies are centrally managing their cloud solutions. To increase their reach, Basaas operates a partner program and provides each partner with a cloud marketplace. That way we profit together with you from the attractive customer access of our partners and generate new leads for you.

Here you can find a selection of our partners

We arrange registrations for you – you maintain the customer relationship

Similar to an affiliate program, you generate registrations directly for your solution via Basaas. We rely on your existing conversion processes and support you until the contract is signed. For example, during the free trial phase, your business app will be present in the Basaas Workplace.

Basaas receives from you purely success-dependent commissions

By listing your business app on the Basaas platform you don’t take any risks. There are no listing fees and no hidden costs. Basaas receives a purely success-based commission from you for the mediation of registrations and new customers. In the Vendor Admin Center you have transparency and control at all times.

You can easily and quickly onboard your Business App

Registering your solution with Basaas is free and easy. Similar to Apple Connect or Google Play you can create and manage your own profile via the Basaas platform. Your Business App appears in every Business App Store and usually on all Basaas marketplaces. For the Go-Live only a marketing agreement is necessary.

The better your business app is integrated, the more business you generate.

For Basaas users, integration is an important decision criterion for new business apps. That’s why we’re constantly expanding the integration options. Basaas, for example, is a central partner of the Open Integration Hub, a central platform for data synchronization of a wide variety of applications.

Mehr Infos zum Open Integration Hub

The advantages of a Basaas listing at a glance

Direct customer access

Basaas users search the Business App Store for new business apps and generate demand

More leads and demand

Increase reach through attractive cloud marketplaces and partner program

Placement of new customers

Basaas generates direct registrations leading to contract conclusions

Billing by provider

Basaas customers conclude the contract with the actual cloud provider.

Performance-based commissions

Basaas receives a purely performance-related commission for its brokerage services

Fast Onboarding

The listing of a Business App on Basaas is fast and uncomplicated in self-service.

Potential through integration

Integration with Basaas and other business apps creates cross-selling potential

Register without risk as a Basaas Vendor

Start now without obligation with a Basaas Vendor Account and inform yourself about the conditions of the Basaas vendor program.


  • No obligations through registration
  • Fast self-service onboarding
  • Purely performance-related remuneration
  • Marketing contract available in Admin Center