How to manage all your remote employees from your home office

March 24, 2020By Frank

Using multiple Microsoft Teams accounts simultaneosly
Using multiple Microsoft Teams accounts simultaneosly

Home Office
More and more companies worldwide are implementing home office for their employees. There are many cloud services, which make remote work possible. Furthermore, your colleagues already have the technical equipment like a laptop or smartphone to work from home. Thanks to Netflix and other cloud services most people have a good internet connection at home which is ideal for remote work. The environment for remote work is better than ever before.

If you are responsible for the IT in your organization, the challenge is to manage all your colleagues working remotely and keep their productivity high. Here are a few tips on how you can support them.

1. Ensure team communication and collaboration is independent of location

If your teams are dispersed, a good communication is necessary for everyone. There are a lot of excellent collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Meet or Zoom. If you are not using such tools yet, start today. In the Basaas App Store you will find a good overview of some of the best tools out there. In many cases you can try them for free before purchasing them.

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2. Make access to work apps easy for your colleagues

Using multiple cloud services at the same time can be a real challenge for your colleagues. The average employee uses up to 30 distinct apps at work. This means that your team is often searching for the right login URL and everybody has to manage a multitude of credentials. That is where Basaas comes in. With the Basaas Workplace every employee finds the right set of apps in one place. Additionally, they can manage their credentials for every cloud service in a single solution. With Basaas working remotely becomes easier and you can even enhance the overall productivity. So, invite every colleague and start using the new smart workplace today.

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3. Manage your roll out processes for all your company apps

The more cloud solutions your company is using, the more challenging the management becomes. Basaas helps you especially with this challenge. With Basaas for teams you can immediately roll out all your cloud services and work apps to all colleagues. You can manage all apps easily by groups and assign them to your colleagues. In the Basaas Workplace all colleagues find their assigned apps and in addition all the information they need for their daily business.

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4. Enable your managers to support remote working teams

It is not easy to manage a remote working team for your managers too. Each department has specific requirements on the apps they use. Therefore, it’s crucial to give your managers the opportunity to compose the right apps for each remote working team or individual colleague. With Basaas you can create any number of groups for each of your teams and you can set up multiple workplace administrators.

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Basaas also allows you to manage all your remote employees from your home office. If you need help to realize your new work strategy reach out to us at to get more information and insights.

If you don’t use Basaas yet but want to manage your remote working team – start today. It’s free.