How to be more organized at work in 2022

January 28, 2022By Sophie

With the new year almost everyone comes with some new year's resolutions. Of course, we all know that we don't keep many resolutions at all. But being more organized and working in a more structured way is easier to realize than you think. Learn what you can do to keep this resolution and how Basaas supports you.

1. Start your day right & organize yourself

The best way to get yourself and your work more organized is to start the day with a clear list of your tasks and deadlines. Focus on the important tasks and events you have every day and organize yourself perfectly.

Start your day with My Day. With My Day, you’ll get just that – a clear view about your most important tasks and events for the day.

By viewing your calendar and tasks, you’ll get the perfect overview of your tasks and events. Accordingly, you can add today’s task to your focus list and arrange your tasks appropriately.

Start your day with My Day
Start your day with My Day

2. Think about the tasks you really need to do

The probably easiest and most effective way to stay organized and productive is by prioritizing your to-do list and focusing on the important to-do’s.

1. Have a look at your to-do list and prioritize your tasks. Choose which tasks are important or urgent.
2. Consciously choose the tasks that you really want or need to do today.
3. Make sure you don't prioritize too many tasks and set realistic goals.

That is why you should use focus tasks. Focus Tasks work by selecting the most important to-do's from all your tasks. Whether they are from projects, assigned to you or created by your own. The focus list also allows you to add focus tasks directly. This way you can turn a huge list of many different tasks from different projects into a clear list of the most important to-do's.

The other tasks are not deleted, they are still there but you don’t see them in your focus list. You can choose whichever tasks you want in your list and plan your day with what’s really important.

Your important tasks
Your important tasks

3. Know your schedule every time and get notified about important events

As described before, a clear calendar with all your events will also help you stay organized. This way you can realistically estimate how much time you need for events and how much time you can spend on your tasks.

In My Day you get a clear view of your events and can choose between different views. You see your day at a glance, receive notifications shortly before your events and can join them directly via link, if it is an online appointment.

Know your schedule
Know your schedule

4. Get tasks & events from all apps into one - Connect your apps!

Maybe you also use different task tools by different projects or different calendars by different emails. In Basaas you can integrate all your apps, both for calendar and for tasks, and thus bring everything in one place.

This not only gives you a good overview when you have a lot of different apps, but also when you just want to bring your calendar and task management together.

The big advantage is that you can bring the information and data of your apps together in one clear and concise view.

Connect your apps
Connect your apps

These were our tips on how to be more organized in 2022. With little effort and a suitable tool, you can save a lot of time, get organized and increase your productivity. If you are convinced and want to keep your good resolutions, you should try Basaas.

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