How to efficiently manage multiple to-do / tasks apps and be more productive

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There are a lot of good to-do apps out there which help you to accomplish your everyday tasks, be it private shopping lists or your company’s agile development. Unfortunately, many of us actively use more than one tasks/to-do app. Some of our users have as much as 5 different apps they have to interact with on a daily basis. But keeping an eye on different task lists and switching between apps constantly, is not a very productive workflow.

If you are using multiple to-do apps and would like to have a unified view at all your tasks, try out the Basaas tasks widget. Apart from our own Basaas Tasks, we support services like Asana, Microsoft To-Do, Google Tasks, GitHub, ClickUp or MeisterTask and will be adding additional services (Trello and Atlassian Jira) soon.

The Basaas tasks widget shows you all tasks from your connected accounts and sorts them by due date. You can view the task details, finish/close a task by clicking on its checkbox and also create new tasks in any of your connected apps easily.

One of the main benefits of this approach is that you have all your tasks (let’s say which are due today) in one place. This gives a simple and neat overview. Just to be clear, Basaas does not try to be a substitute for those great and powerful apps, but to make you more productive and make the data from all your different apps faster and simpler accessible to you.

The detailed view provides you with all relevant data: the task description and a quicklink to open that specific task in either a new window or directly in the Basaas App.

Create tasks from any within any app

If you are using the Basaas App, simply highlight any text from within any of your sidebar apps and choose “Create task” from the context menu. You can then create a task in any of your connected tasks apps with a link to this specific page and with the text you have previously highlighted! Imagine receiving a Slack message, or an email from a colleague which you have to react to. In theory – any message you receive could result in a to-do, so why not simply highlight that message and create a task in your favorite app?

And as with all Basaas widgets – you can access them also from your mobile device through our web version of the Smart Workplace.

Here are the steps how you can add your to-dos from various accounts in a unified Tasks Widget

1. Add widget to your Smart Workplace. If you need to add another section to your Smart Workplace click the edit button to modify your layout

2. Click the Create new widget button

3. Select the Tasks Widget as type and fill in the details

3. Connect as many apps (task / to-do apps) as you wish to view in your unified Tasks Widget. Finally click the “Save widget” button to finish the process. Your newly created Tasks Widget will now be placed on your Smart Workplace.

Now you are ready to view all your to-dos in one unified list in your Task Widget

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