How to use multiple Gmail accounts at the same time

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If you ever tried using more than one Gmail account simultaneously, you probably had to become creative. While Google does allow you to log into multiple accounts, you still have to manually select the account you wish to use via Google account selection.

Luckily there are life hacks which made it possible to view your Gmail accounts – you could have launched different browsers and logged into another account in a separate browser. It is possible this way but not convenient at all. And if you were to use the incognito mode, you might lose all your active sessions if you were to close the window unwillingly.

With the Basaas Smart Workplace you can work in as many Gmail Accounts as you wish in parallel and switch between them with just a single click. Additionally Basaas also provides a notification badge with the current unread count next to a Gmail icon.

Having all your Gmail accounts in one place gives you a clear overview and better productivity by focusing on what needs to be done in your email and not searching for the right browser window.

Here are the steps how you add various Gmail accounts to your Basaas Smart Workplace

1. Go to your Basaas App and click on the “+” button at the sidebar

2. Select Gmail from the App Store

3. In the app settings make sure you activate the option “Use multiple accounts”

Now you are ready to go and add as many Gmail accounts as you want. 

Productivity hint
Give your various Gmail accounts a unique name, color or even a custom app icon – this way you can easily distinguish them from one another

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