How to manage multiple Google Accounts at the same time

September 30, 2020By Sophie

multiple Google accounts
multiple Google accounts

Everyone knows Google and almost everyone uses their products, from Gmail, Google Drive to Meet. Most of the users today can’t imagine working without all the Google products or using another email tool.

Maybe you are also a Google user and have several Google accounts. Then you definitely know the problem of managing multiple Accounts and how annoying and challenging this is so that nothing gets mixed up.

THE PROBLEM Using more than one Google Account is a challenge

If you are one of those using more than one Google Account because of your job, different projects or additionally your private account, than this problem is certainly not unknown to you. It is annoying to switch between accounts again and again. Despite the fact, that you can be logged in to multiple accounts, you still have to switch between them. This costs just so much time. Apart from all the chaotic tabs you probably have in your browser, you need to work in the incognito mode or use another browser to be logged in and be active in different accounts at the same time. This gets even more irritating if you are not just using one product like Gmail but all the others like Docs, Presentations, Hangout and so on, too.

Switching Accounts
Switching Accounts

Let’s have a closer look at the problem at the example Gmail:

Managing multiple Gmail accounts can be a big challenge. If you want to send a mail quickly you always have to check if you are logged in into the right account to avoid sending the wrong mail by mistake. Right now, you need to change the account, and this cost a lot of time if you are doing this multiple times a day.

Also, if you are currently logged in into one of your Gmail Accounts, you can’t easily see notifications from your other account. So, if you want to see what’s new, you need to open the other account in a new tab first, which is totally confusing and time consuming.

Check out what we wrote about using multiple Google Accounts a while ago:

Two different calendars
Two different calendars

Here’s another example – the Google Calendar

Organizing your appointments in different calendars, can often lead to confusion. Keeping track of all the appointments in all the calendars can be a real challenge and is also super time consuming. Of course, you can synchronize your calendars, but there is still a problem, if you want to set up appointments from another account. At the latest for this you would need to change the account.

Why most of the hacks to solve these problems don’t really solve these problems 🙁

There are a lot of tricks and hacks, to solve the problems we are talking about. But let’s be honest, most of them are not always the best choice when it comes to seamless work.

Using tools to get all your Gmail Accounts into one

There are tools that allow you to have all your Gmail accounts in one, which is quite clever at first sight and solves the problem of clarity of your different mail accounts. If you are among those who use more than just Gmail, this won’t fit at all. At the latest when you want to use all the other apps, you will be back to the same chaos as before.

Using Googles account switcher to jump between accounts

Google offers the possibility to switch between the accounts. But you always have to check which account you are currently logged into and which one you want to use if you quickly want to send an email or add an appointment. It can also happen, that sometimes documents end up in the wrong google account, which is especially problematic if you accidentally store your work documents in your private account.

Using Chrome Profiles to use your accounts in parallel:

Chrome Profiles are a popular option, but still have some disadvantages. First of all, it only works in chrome and not the other browsers. Also, you still have to open a new window for each account, so you still have the same chaos again, which you try to avoid. By the way, you have to set up your passwords and bookmarks for every single profile here, which is such an effort.

THE SOLUTION One unified app to connect all your google accounts and more

Google products are popular and almost everyone uses them. With Basaas you can intelligently manage your Google accounts and create your own workplace just the way you want it to. Check out the advantages of using Basaas:

1 No more Tab Chaos – get everything in one place In Basaas you can get all your Google Apps together. No Tab Chaos anymore!

2 Appointments, Contacts, Tasks – One Widget for all You can display all your Appointments, Contacts and Tasks centrally in one place. So you will get the data of your apps together in one widget.

3 Not just Google – all your Apps in one place Basaas is not just an app for your Google Apps. You can add all your apps like Slack, Microsoft 365, Trello, Asana and so many more and organize them as you need.

4 All your notifications at a glance You can get all your notifications from your Google Accounts (and all the other apps of course too) and never ever loose the overview again.

Use multiple accountss
Use multiple accounts

You can easily add your apps, open them, work in them and switch between them. You get all your notifications in your sidebar. You can comfortably work in all of your apps and be even more productive.