The browser is your REAL digital workplace

September 28, 2021By Frank

Two years ago, we launched the first version of Basaas with the vision to revolutionize the way we work. It's great to see that today we are supporting thousands of teams around the globe to optimize their daily work.

Chrome Extension: Apps Sidebar, New Tab with My Day and Popup
Chrome Extension: Apps Sidebar, New Tab with My Day and Popup

Thanks to a lot of reviews from our users, Basaas was rewarded as High Performer Fall 2021 in the category of ‘Unified Workspaces Software’ on G2. We are so proud that we have also received the rating ‘Users Love Us’ due to the excellent ratings. We are determined to continue to realize our vision and we are more than motivated to support our customers in the best possible way in the future.

G2 – Basaas received the "High Performer Fall 2021" and "Users Love Us" Badge
G2 – Basaas received the "High Performer Fall 2021" and "Users Love Us" Badge

Our challenges and the vision

But we are also facing some challenges. Many of our users downloaded the Basaas App (for Windows and Mac) and are using it every day. In the past, we had frequently technical problems with the Basaas App. This is mainly due to Electron, the technological platform we use to develop the Basaas App.

Our competitors typically use the same technology. They all report the same problems, and some popular providers even went out of business because of it. Some apps don't work in the Basaas App the way they work in the browser. In addition, browser extensions like an external password manager or Grammarly are not available in the Basaas App, although they are common in the browser. All in all, it is a continuous struggle to rebuild browser features you use and love every day. With every update of major apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams we had to fix features like printing or screensharing again. We think we could have invested the time more efficient in developing innovative workplace features for you instead of rebuilding the browser.

Therefore, we have invested a lot of time and effort to deliver much more value apart from the Electron app. Last year we decided to focus our development on the Basaas browser version. Our goal was to bring the Basaas App features that our users love to the browser. This summer, we launched a new browser version, which offers many additional features to optimize daily routines, such as a unified task management or the all-new daily agenda ‘My Day’. You can learn more about our vision for digital work here.

Our journey to the web based workplace

We also launched the new Chrome Extension, which brings the Basaas Sidebar and our Password Manager directly in your browser. We are now the first provider who offers a comparable solution in the browser like Electron based apps for unified workplace offer today.

The browser is your digital workplace
The browser is your digital workplace

The Basaas Chrome Extension enables migration from the Basaas App to the browser version without losing the features you love. By moving Basaas to the browser, we can develop faster and offer you many new possibilities.

To be able to do this as a small team, we will focus on the web in the future and stop further development of our Basaas App starting from the end of September.

We support your journey to the REAL workplace

We will support all our customers in the best possible way to migrate to the Basaas browser version. This is necessary because the Basaas App will only be available for a transition period. We are aware that the browser/extension version offers a different user experience. Nevertheless, the best recommendation we can give is to use the Basaas Extension in parallel, as we will shut down the app in the coming months.

Generally, the Basaas browser version offers a lot of exiting advantages. Many of our users use the browser more frequently in their day-to-day work i.e., for research, purchasing etc. It is undoubtedly that the browser is the real digital workplace for our users. Therefore, it makes total sense for us to focus as much as possible on supporting your daily work in the browser. This means that it is best to bring all the Basaas features to the browser so that switching between the Basaas App and the browser is no longer necessary.

And best of all is you can now use Basaas anywhere and on any device. So, you can even check all your events or tasks on the go on your smartphone with My Day.

Use Basaas on any device
Use Basaas on any device

Due to the upcoming migration, we are facing challenges, but we are convinced that with the new Basaas browser version we offer you the best digital workplace solution currently available on the market. If you have not already installed the extension, you should start now. Visit the Chrome Web Store

If you want to learn more about the new Basaas browser version, please visit:

We will support all our customers to migrate to the Basaas browser version. If you require support migrating to the browser version, please contact us at or use the form below.
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