Basaas Chrome Extension

Productivity superpowers for your browser

Optimize your app management
Omnipresent sidebar in your browser

A sidebar with all your apps available on every website

Find your sidebar everywhere in your browser, no matter which website you’re on. Launch your apps with just one click and get notifications from your apps.
Optimize your app management
Work across apps everywhere

Browser-wide sidebar

Get a sidebar to acess your apps everywhere in your browser. If you don’t need it at some point, just hide it with one click.
Work across apps everywhere

Launch all apps with one click

Start your workday right and launch all your apps in your sidebar at once with just one click. Everything is available immediately.
Work across apps everywhere

See notifications of your apps

Stay up to date with notifications and keep all your apps always in view. With the sidebar, you’ll get all your notifications in one place.
Navigate your apps on every website

Access your apps across the web with ease

With the handy popup, you can open all your apps at any time and save a lot of time. Use the search and find all your apps in the blink of an eye.
Optimize your app management
Work across apps everywhere

Find and launch apps

Use the search in the popup to find your apps, even the ones you haven’t added to your sidebar. Access all your apps with just one click.
Work across apps everywhere

Notifications from your apps

Find all notifications from your apps in one place in your popup and keep track of everything happening in your apps.
Work across apps everywhere

Manage your passwords

Use the password manager and manage all your logins right where you work. Simply log in to your apps and benefit from high security.
Find everything you need in My Day

All your events and tasks just a new tab away

Stay on top of your workload, events and apps with the new tab My Day view. With your events and focus tasks in mind, you can organize your day perfectly and always know what to do next.
Optimize your app management
Work across apps everywhere

Everything to focus about

Find everything you need to focus about in your new tab. Always keep on track about your next events or your tasks.
Work across apps everywhere

Attend upcoming events

You can see your next events from integrated apps in your calendar. If it's an online meeting, you can join with just one click.
Work across apps everywhere

Check your focus tasks

All your focus tasks are displayed in a new tab. You always have the perfect overview of your most important tasks.
Create new tasks everywhere

Create tasks on every website in every app

No matter on which website - create new tasks anywhere in your browser with a shortcut or a right-click. Add tasks to projects or task management apps like ClickUp, Asana and many more without the need to open these apps.
Optimize your app management
Work across apps everywhere

A new task in just one click

Right click to create a new task. You can create new tasks with a right-click on every website and never have to leave the website you’re on.
Work across apps everywhere

Use a shortcut to create tasks

Use a handy shortcut to create tasks everywhere in your browser. Add tasks to Basaas or your connected apps.
Work across apps everywhere

Add tasks to integrated apps

Connect your task management apps with Basaas and directly add new tasks to your integrated apps on every website.
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