All features for you and your team

Explore all benefits Basaas offers to boost your productivity

How we boost your productivity

Smart Workplace

A unified place for all your apps and widgets

App integration

Connects the world’s leading apps into one solution

Cross-app search

A cross-app search that finds what you’re looking for

Multi Account

Work in multiple accounts of one app simultaneously


Receive all app notifications directly on the smart workplace


Accelerate daily workflows with powerful cross-app widgets


Create your personal Smart Workplace by customizing the layout or add widgets

Task management

Create tasks directly from any of your apps, assign them to your colleagues

Password manager

Store your passwords securely and log in to your services from anywhere

How we optimize your team organisation

User management

Edit existing users, invite new ones or manage a users status

App management

Create, edit or delete corporate apps as a admin for your company


Share apps and widgets with a team or individual users easily

Company branding

Customize the look and feel of your smart workplace to fit your company

Custom apps

Bring your own app – integrate any app or website without effort

Corporate apps

Create apps that are available for all your colleagues across your company

Usage analytics

Get insights on which apps your teams are using and reduce shadow IT

How we make sure that your data is highly secured

No access to private data

Basaas respects your privacy. We do not store or share your private data

Modern tech stack

Our services run on state of the art and fully managed public cloud infrastructure

Data encryption

We store your tokens encrypted with AES-256. The encryption keys are stored separately

We are busy to further enhance Basaas for you

Active Directory

Connect your company’s active directory to keep all users and groups in sync

Shareable Widgets

Distribute preset widgets with your colleagues and manage them centrally

Workplace templates

Distribute preset Workplaces including Widgets and apps to your colleagues

Choose from 400+ world’s leading apps

Find all your favorite apps in the integrated app store or add your existing apps to create your tailor-made Smart Workplace.