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  • Free 0 $ For teams using a few business apps or just trying basaas out Features
    • Up to 5 integrations
    • 1 Administrator
    • Up to 3 groups
    • Unlimited apps
    • Widgets
    • Password Manager
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  • Smart 7,50 $ per user per month For small and medium-sized teams that love working digitally All of Free plus:
    • Up to 20 integrations
    • Up to 3 administrators
    • Up to 25 groups
    • Shareable widgets
    • Workplace templates
    • Email support & chat
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  • Professional 11,50 $ per user per month For larger teams or those who need centrally managed cloud IT All of Smart plus:
    • Up to 50 integrations
    • Unlimited administrators
    • Unlimited groups
    • Azure AD integration
    • Usage analytics
    • Professional support
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  • Enterprise Let’s talk! For large companies with individual needs All of Professional plus:
    • Unlimited integrations
    • Individual integrations
    • Individual requirements
    • Enhanced security
    • 24/7 support
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Feature comparison
Smart Workplace

Apps on workplace An app is a service you use – like Gmail or Microsoft Teams. You can add as many of them as you want to get the most out of your workplace.


App integrations per user An app integration is the connection between your service (e.g. Asana as a task app) and Basaas. It allows you to view data from your account directly in the widgets on the workplace.


Widgets (Tasks, Calendar, Contacts) Widgets can show you information from different apps in one place. Imagine you are using two or more calendars. This widget will show all your appointments from all calendars.

Password Manager You can store and organize your passwords with our password manager. But it also helps you to log in to your different apps within the Basaas app. You passwords are stored highly encrypted and secured on your machine.




Centrally managed (corporate) apps Corporate apps are apps that are available companywide and managed by the administrator. Every change is distributed to all users in real time.


Groups for central app management Groups help you to organize apps and users in Basaas. For example, you can create a group "Marketing" and add all marketing team members. You can also assign your own apps to these groups. So every new employee has all the important apps in his or her workplace.




Shareable Widgets Shared Widgets are used to create predefined widgets and share them with your team. A common use case is the team calendar.


Workplace Templates Predefine a workplace layout, add apps and widgets on the workplace assign users to it. For example new users will have instant access to all important apps to start right away.


Usage Analytics See fully anonymized how active your users have been and which apps they have used. This way you can get a perfect overview and reduce shadow-it.


Azure AD Integration Import your users and groups and keep your Active Directory in sync with your Basaas. That reduces the effort for your admins dramatically.


User Permissions Restrict user access to specific resources like location, device or time of the day.

Service & Support

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Professional Support

Frequently asked questions
Can different plans be combined?
No, this is technically not possible. If you switch to a chargeable plan, this plan applies to all users.
Can I change my plan?
Of course, you can change your plan at any time. Note that changes are made to all users of your team.
What are my payment options?
You can pay by Credit Card. Payments are processed by a leading payment service provider. Basaas does not store any payment data.
I need to add new users to my team. How does that affect my plan?
You can easily add or delete users to your organization in your tenant settings. These changes will be automatically made to your plan.
What are the billing period options?
All subscriptions are billed monthly.

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