Basaas can be used free of charge by any number of colleagues

Basaas Free already offers many app management features that your company can use for free. If you are satisfied with Basaas, you can decide if you want to use additional paid plans and professionalize the central app management.

Free Smart Professional
Monatliche Kosten 0 / NutzerFür Teams, die ein paar Business Apps nutzen 7,95 / NutzerFür Unternehmen, die überwiegend digital arbeiten 14,95 / NutzerFür Organisationen, die Cloud-IT zentral managen
Digital Workplace
Unbegrenzte viele Business Apps
App Integrationen pro Nutzer 3 10 50
Business App Management
Administratoren 1 3 unbegrenzt
Zentral gemanagte Business Apps 10 50 100
Anpassung Corporate Branding
Active Directory & LDAP Integration
Business App Store
Freigabe-Prozess für Buchungen
Individuelles Portfolio
Analyse & Optimierung
Service & Support
Online Self Service
E-Mail & Live-Chat
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Auf Anfrage
Auf Anfrage

If you have individual requirements, please contact us.

Why can Basaas offer us the Digital Workplace for free?

We are convinced that the Basaas Workplace will not only make your job more fun, it will also increase your productivity. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to expand your app management at some point. Our fee-based plans are the best way to achieve this. We only do good business if you are satisfied and want more Basaas.

What commitment do we make with Basaas?

If you start with Basaas Free, you are guaranteed no costs through Basaas. So you don’t make a commitment with Basaas. If you book paid plans from Basaas, you can adjust these plans to your needs on a monthly basis and also discontinue them altogether. We can offer you this freedom without any problems, because we believe that you don’t want to get rid of Basaas anymore. But you have full control at all times.

What benefits are included in the plans?

Basically you get Basaas ready to go. You log in and use Basaas. We take care of the rest. We take care of the backup of your data and of course the regular development of Basaas. We update your Basaas regularly, so that your Basaas is always automatically up to date. This is valid for all plans, also for the free use. All other services, such as support and functions, are transparently described in the plans.

All features at a glance

Digital Workplace

The central workstation for your business apps in your company

Business app integration

The best business apps combined into one enterprise solution


Receives all relevant news from your business apps in one central location

Comprehensive search

Search your business apps in real time for documents, contacts and more

User management

Superior management as user according to teams and individually

App Management

Central and transparent administration across all cloud solutions in the enterprise

Individual Apps & Sites

All existing company websites or individual web apps can be connected without effort.

Custom branding

Customize Basaas design to fit your organization

EU GDPR compliant

Basaas guarantees compliance with all regulations under the EU GDPR