Additional IT security through intelligent app management

Through the transparent management of your business apps you achieve additional security and control. Data security and data protection are improved with Basaas through comprehensive technical measures.

Centralized management of all business apps gives you more control

With the simple administration and assignment of apps to your employees, you always have an overview of who can access business apps and valuable company data. When employees leave the company, you can easily disable access rights.

Basaas never has access to your data of the Business Apps

The Business Apps available at Basaas have been thoroughly reviewed by Basaas with respect to privacy and data security. The data storage is carried out by the provider of the Business App. Basaas has no access to your data.

The Basaas App offers more security than a web browser

With the Basaas App you work more securely than in a normal web browser. Based on the latest Google security updates and without plugins, your data is always secure.

The new GDPR is an important building block for us

Protecting your privacy is a top priority for Basaas. For this reason, the new EU Data Protection Regulation is the basis for our actions. We are constantly working to improve our processes for optimal data protection.

Basaas data center are certified and the data is stored in Germany

The data you collect at Basaas is stored exclusively in leading data centers in Germany. When selecting our data centers, we have the highest security requirements and have the appropriate certificates presented to us.

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Digital Workplace

With Basaas, each colleague receives an integrated digital workplace that centrally consolidates all business apps and company information and makes them accessible through a login.


Through our API-level app integration, you get smart features like cross-search across multiple applications or invoking actions right from your workplace.

App Management

Manage your business apps centrally for the entire company. Give each colleague the applications they need and keep a transparent overview of cloud usage at all times.

App Store

With the Business App Store you have an extensive selection of quality-tested business apps at your disposal. Just find the business apps that best fit your business.

Start now for free and without risk with Basaas

Combine your business apps with Basaas to create an intelligent business solution that increases your productivity.


  • Unlimited free use
  • Individual Workplace for each employee
  • Access to the Basaas App Store
  • Easily manage your business apps