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Basaas Workplace

Does Basaas fit in with our company?_

Basaas is independent of your industry and company size. Both small teams and large companies can work with Basaas.

How can we best roll out Basaas within the company?

The use of Basaas by colleagues is very easy. Colleagues are invited to Basaas by entering their email address. They are sent a link and can set up their own workplace and get started.

Is Basaas available for the smartphone or tablet?
The Basaas Workplace is responsive and automatically adapts to the resolution of the screen. You can work with the Workplace on most devices. In the future we will also offer native apps for iOS and Android to make mobile work even more comfortable.

Business App Store

Is Basaas our contractual partner for booking business apps?

That depends on which business app you book. In some cases Basaas is your contractual partner for booking and billing. In this case you will find this information in the app profile and you will be clearly informed when booking. However, this does not apply to most business apps from the business app store. As a rule, Basaas will guide you to the respective provider. This is where your actual booking takes place. In this case, Basaas is not your contractual partner.

Does Basaas store data from our business apps?

No, Basaas does not store data from business apps. This is independent of whether you use these business apps via the Basaas Workplace or not. Even if you register for a solution via the business app store, Basaas will always redirect you to the actual provider. The provider is your contractual partner and only the respective provider stores your data.

Security & Privacy

What data is stored at Basaas?

Basaas only stores the data that is necessary to offer you the Basaas Workplace. These are your company data, your address and the e-mail addresses of your colleagues who use the Basaas Workplace. Basaas does not have access to the data you store in your business apps.

Is my data safe with Basaas?

The security of your data is Basaas’s top priority. The data you enter at Basaas is stored exclusively in leading data centers in Germany. When selecting our data centers, we have the highest security requirements and have the relevant certificates presented to us.

Bookings & Payments

Is Basaas free plan permanently free?

Yes, our business model is based on convincing as many companies as possible of the central app management with Basaas and the digital workplace. We offer optional chargeable plans that offer more features than the free plan. The calculation is simple: If you have had good experience with our free rate, you can book the additional functions as required.

Can different plans, such as Free and Smart, be combined?

No, the combination of plans is technically not possible. If you switch to a chargeable plan, this plan applies to all users.

How and when can we quit Basaas?

You can cancel your plan at any time under tenant settings. No further invoice will be generated and you can use the respective functionality for the rest of the term. After the term your account will be converted to the free plan.

How can we delete our Basaas account?

You can delete your Basaas account entirely at any time via the settings. After confirming the safety guard sent to you via email, your data will be deleted from our servers. For your security we will store your data for another 30 days. An access is then no longer possible.

How do we receive our invoices with declared value added tax?

We will send you the invoices to the e-mail address that you have entered in the settings. You can change this e-mail address at any time. You can also find your invoices in the admin center and download them. We will automatically display the VAT on our invoices, unless you have made a different setting.

What are the payment options?

Basaas offers the usual payment methods. You could pay by Mastercard, Visa Card or direct debit. From the professional plan onwards, payment by invoice is also possible. Payments are processed by a leading payment service provider. Basaas does not store any payment data.

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