When working in modern web applications, many navigation paths are open to us, so that we often no longer have to use the browser’s own navigation elements. With some apps, however, it is an advantage to have these navigation elements available. In Basaas you can easily activate them for any business app.


With the navigation bar you get these elements in the corresponding Business App

  • Back to home page (house symbol)
  • Navigate back (left arrow)
  • Navigate forward (right arrow)
  • reload page (circle with arrow symbol)
    • Create new window from the current app (Rectangle with plus)

    How to activate the navigation bar for a Business App:

    1. Open the “Edit Application” dialog box:


    • Basaas App: Click right on a business app in the sidebar and select Edit from the context menu


    • Workplace: click Edit in the “My Apps” block on the Workplace. Then select the app you want to edit by clicking on the Pen icon

    2. Activate the option Show Navigation

    under App Settings.

    3. Save the setting by clicking Edit Application.

    That’s it – you now have a navigation bar activated in the app! ✌️

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