Use your Business Apps in Basaas and get all important information centrally in one place. Get a structured and clear workplace with the Basaas App. To get started, add a few apps like Mail (Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo) or Office apps (Office365 incl. Word, Excel, Powerpoint or GSuite incl. Docs, Sheets, Slides):


We recommend that you consider the following categories

  • Communication (Chats like Slack, Mail, …)
  • Data storage (OneDrive, Sharepoint, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box)

Business Apps for:

  • Marketing (Mailchimp, Google Analytics, …)
  • Sales (Pipedrive, Salesforce, …)

How easy it is to add Business Apps to your Workplace:

1. Click on your Workplace Add application or on the Plus icon in the Basaas app Sidebar

2. Choose in the left sidebar whether you want to add a Business App from your company, the Business App Store or a new own app



Self created apps are only visible for you.

3. Edit the app if you want
Here you can edit the name or the app icon. Under App Settings you can control the behavior of the new app in the Basaas app:


  • Use multiple accounts: activate this option if you want to use multiple accounts (e.g. Google, Atlassian, Office365) at the same time
  • Show navigation: activate this option if you want a navigation bar to be displayed in the Basaas app. You can navigate back and forth, refresh the page or open a new window of the app at any time.

4. click add application

That’s it – you added a new app to your Workplace! 😎

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