You may not find a specific Business App in our App Store. But that doesn’t mean that you have to work without this app in your workplace. In Basaas you can also easily add your own business app and use any app you want in your workplace.

This is how you can add your own apps to your workplace:

1. Click on the plus icon in the left app sidebar or click “edit” or “add app

2. Click on “add custom app”

3. Enter the login URL

You can also edit your apps name and icon or add your app to your app groups In the app’s settings you can define whether you want to: 

  • receive notifications
  • open last visited page at startup
  • using multiple accounts
    Note: Maybe you are using apps where you have multiple accounts. Often you can’t be online with both accounts at the same time. Multiple Accounts solves this problem and allows you to use them simultaneously.
  • show navigation bar


4. Click on “add app”

That’s it – you’ve just added your custom app to your workplace! 😎

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