With Basaas you can organize your entire company easily and clearly in groups. Simply create a group for e.g. marketing and assign the corresponding colleagues and marketing-relevant business apps to this group. The members of the group then see these business apps on their individual workplaces. So you can quickly share information and directly facilitate onboarding.



Create a group “team” with all important organizational tools or portals in the company. Typical tools would be for example a Wiki, the vacation planning tool or the time recording. So new employees always have access to important information!

How to add a new group as administrator:

1. Log in to your Workplace: workplace.basaas.com

2. Click on Administration in the navigation. Here you can see all your existing groups in the company and manage them.

3. Click on Create new group to create a new group

4. Enter the name of the group you want to create and create it by clicking Add

5. Your newly created group can now be found in the administration area in Groups

That’s it – you created a new group in the company! ✌️

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