Every company is changing Colleagues in the team join or leave. With Basaas, you can give each new user their own workplace with all the necessary information for onboarding in no time at all.

How easy it is to add a new user to your company:

1. Log in to your workplace: workplace.basaas.com

2. Click on Administration in the navigation

3. Change the active area to user with one click on User

4. Start adding with a click on Create new user

5. Fill in the fields and click Add to send an invitation mail to the new user

6. The new user is created and now appears in the user overview with the status Waiting for confirmation


Note on the process for the new user

The newly added user will now receive an email with all necessary steps to open his new account. This email contains an account activation link and after clicking on it the request to set a new password. After these steps the status of the new user will be updated to Active.


That’s it – you added a new user to the company 😎

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