Each group consists of users and applications. All users who should have access to your business apps should be in a group with the appropriate applications. Users can be in multiple groups at the same time.



Users who are in multiple groups at the same time may see some business apps multiple times. As an administrator, think carefully about which user should be assigned to the corresponding group.

How to add users to a group:

1. Log in to your Workplace: workplace.basaas.com

2. Click on Administration in the navigation

3. Here you can see all your existing groups in the company and manage them. Select the relevant group and click on Show details


4. Click on Add user to select one or more users to add

5. Select from the user list one or more users by clicking on them.

6. Confirm your selection with a click on Add user

7. The newly added users are now displayed in the group.



Every user you just added will now see the group with the corresponding business apps on the Workplace.

That’s it – you added users to a group! ✌️

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