Every company is different and represents itself differently in public. With Basaas, you can provide your colleagues with a workplace branded workplace.

How to create an custom design for your company:

1. Log in to your workplace at workplace.basaas.com
2. Go to the company settings by clicking on Settings in the navigation
3. Customize the desired colors by either entering a hex color code (for example, # 99cc00) or by clicking on the colored rectangle to display a color picker. Colors marked with hover affect the colors that appear when interacting with a mouse. Active refers to the currently opened page.


  • Navigation: Here you can adjust the appearance of the navigation at the top of the page and the footer at the bottom of the page
  • Buttons / Text Links / Text: here you can influence the appearance of the elements in the footer
4. Save your changes by clicking Save changes
5. Your individual design will now be visible to all your colleagues

Das war es – du hast eine individuelle Gestaltung für euer Unternehmen erstellt!  🎉

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