Administrators can manage your Basaas for the entire company. With admin rights, users can also appoint additional admins or delete users. Choose carefully which of your colleagues should receive this status. Also be sure to remove the admin status as soon as a user leaves the company.


Admin rights entitle to:

  • Administration of users
  • Group management
  • Company app management
  • Adjustment of the design to the corporate branding
  • irrevocable deletion of the entire company account


In larger companies it is advisable to have at least two administrators. In case of an absence (vacation, illness) a replacement is given.

So you can add or remove admin rights:

1. Log in into your Workplace:

2. Click on Administration in the navigation

3. Change the active area to user with one click on User

4. Select the user you want to edit with a click on the user

5. Scroll in profile to Admin area at the end of the page

6. Select the new desired User role select

  • Cloud Manager for new admins
  • User to withdraw admin rights from a user


7. Save your changes with a click on Save changes

That was it – you have successfully changed the rights of a user 😎

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