Every company is changing. With Basaas, you can deploy new business apps across the enterprise or pull existing business apps out of the enterprise at any time. For example, you can influence the fact that old versions of web applications are no longer used.

How to add business apps to a group:

1. Log in to your workplace: workplace.basaas.com

2. Click on Administration in the navigation

3. Here you can see all your existing groups in the company and manage them. Select the relevant group and click on Show details


4. The User group tab is active by default in the group. Change the tab to Applications by clicking Applications


5. Click on the gear symbol

in the corresponding business app.

6. Choose from menu Remove from group

7. The application has been removed from the group



The deleted application is no longer displayed to any member of the group on their Workplace.

That’s it – you removed a business app from a group 😎

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