When working in different teams or in several projects it often happens that you have different accounts in apps for different tasks. With Basaas, you can easily use multiple accounts of a service in parallel and receive notifications.


Usage scenarios

  • You use different Google Accounts for different teams or applications
  • You need to use multiple Atlassian (Jira, Confluence) accounts in parallel
  • You generally want to use several accounts at the same time

How to use multiple accounts for one business app in parallel:

1. Open the “Edit app” dialog:


  • Basaas App: Right-click on a business app in the sidebar and select Edit app from the context menu.


  • Workplace: click on Edit in the “My Apps” block on the Workplace. Then select the app you want to edit by clicking on the pen icon

2. Activate the checkbox Use multiple accounts under App settings.

3. Save the setting by clicking Edit Application.



You can also set a custom color code to this app to make it better recognizable

That’s it – you added a completely scoped app. 😎

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