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We have summarized everything important about your Basaas in compact tutorials for you. We will be happy to help you start your Basaas personally – just write us a short message using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Getting started

Working with Basaas

Basaas offers you an integrated solution for your entire company. Manage your business apps within your company and give every employee their individual workplace. With the Basaas App, every employee also has their entire workplace compactly and securely within one app.

Basaas App

Work more structured and effective with your Business Apps in the Basaas App. Receive notifications, use multiple accounts of a service in parallel and increase your security while working with modern encryption.

My account

Your account is your access to Basaas. Here you can manage your personal information, change your language settings or delete your account.


Manage your Basaas

As Basaas Admin you are the contact for all matters concerning the administration of groups, users or corporate apps. You can customize the design of your workplace, set preferences for new users or delete your company account.


In Basaas you organize your allocation of business apps and users transparently in groups. You can assign any number of business apps and users to each group. Users are shown the groups in which they have been added by the administrator on their Workplace.


Here you can manage the users in your company. See to which groups they belong or help them with problems like forgotten passwords.


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