In the Business App Store you will find an extensive selection of business apps for all fields of activity. If a business app is missing or if you use an internal solution, you can create your own business app in just a few steps. This newly created business app can then be accessed throughout the entire company.

It’s so easy to create new corporate apps:

1. Log in to your workplace at
2. Click on Administration in the navigation
3. Select the Corporate Apps section
4. Here you can see the overview with existing corporate apps. Click on Create new company app
5. You can either add and customize a Business App from the Business App Store, or you can create a new app by clicking Add custom app
6. Complete the appropriate fields in your new corporate app or edit the fields from the template when adding a Business App from the App Store. Confirm the creation by clicking on Add application

7. Deine neue unternehmenseigene App wird dir nun in der Übersicht angezeigt.

That’s it – you’ve created a new corporate business app! 🎉

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